The mission of the guidance department is to help each student in our care to develop her full potential academically, emotionally and socially. A natural outgrowth of this process is the task of helping the student to formulate career and college goals, culminating in intensive guidance through the entire college selection and application process.

Guidance Staff

Ms. Jennifer Maurer, M.A.
Director of Guidance

Ms. Kristi McAuliffe, M.A.
Guidance Counselor

Ms. Gabrielle Rivera
Guidance Counselor

College Guidance in the Classroom

Guidance counselors meet with juniors every three to four weeks throughout the year in small group sessions.  Senior classes meet once a week in the month of September and resume normal frequency thereafter. In the first semester, the junior curriculum focuses on career exploration with particular emphasis on self-assessment and identifying general career interests. The second semester curriculum centers on the process of choosing a college and the many factors that enter into that decision.

Detailed discussion of public versus private colleges, inevitably leads students to a more sophisticated understanding of their options as well as familiarity with the subject of financial aid and scholarships. Specifically, we introduce students, by means of our classroom technology, to the many internet tools available to them in the college search process. In these guidance sessions juniors choose their subjects for senior year and learn to write the college resume. English Department Chairperson and our guidance counselors work together to conduct a workshop on how to write the college application essay.

The senior guidance curriculum for the fall semester moves students step-by-step through the college application process. The second semester is devoted to discussion on making the transition to college: study skills, social and academic adjustments, strategies to cope with change, and the formation of healthy relationships in college.


Sophomores and juniors sit for the PSAT in October of each year.  It is expected that all juniors will take the ACT or SAT I for the first time in the spring of that year and again in the fall of senior year. Students are also offered guidance on the appropriateness or otherwise of preparing for the SAT II Subject Tests.

Saint Saviour runs an in-house ACT prep course on two afternoons a week during the months of February and March in preparation for the May test. The moderate fee charged for this course allows for an affordable alternative to other test preparation options offered outside of school.

Fall College Fair

In October of each year, representatives from 50 or more private and public colleges and universities participate in a morning-long College Fair at Saint Saviour High School. This event affords our juniors and seniors the opportunity to chat with college admissions counselors and to learn more about the accessibility and entry requirements of programs in which they might have interest.

Calendar of Guidance Events for the Year

Check school calendar for dates:


  • Orientation Morning - parents of incoming freshman
  • CUNY Application Day- seniors


  • College Fair at Saint Saviour - juniors and seniors
  • College Financial Aid & Information Night – parents of juniors/seniors
  • PSAT Administration - sophomores and juniors


  • Onsite Admissions Week - seniors


  • ACT or SAT Preparation Course – juniors

Guidance Resources

Students are provided with additional resources in the Guidance Google Classroom. These span the gamut from time management activities to opportunities for internships and shadowing programs. When students enter their senior year they are entered into another Classroom specifically for seniors that updates the students on what deadlines are approaching for their college process. Both groups will also list scholarship opportunities as appropriate. 

College Office Links

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The College Board
Information and Registration for SAT and SAT Subject Tests
College and majors search
The on-line version of the Common Application

CSS Profile
A financial aid form required by some colleges as part of their financial aid application.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid